A Cheetah Has Made Itself At Home On Top Of A Jeep Full Of American Tourists

A cheetah straddled an American tourist Jeep, converting a Serengeti safari into something considerably more terrifying.

The moment a cheetah walked into an open-top vehicle and gazed down on the chilly passengers below is captured in a magnificent video.

The footage shows a cheetah going up to the automobile and leaping on it, shot from a few vehicles back in the safari caravan. Jennifer Shimek, who was traveling through Botswana with her family when the once-in-a-lifetime event occurred.

The cheetah took a leisurely stroll over the Jeep’s awning before resting down, completely oblivious to the uproar.

When Shimek’s 17-year-old daughter Kaitlin, who was taping the situation, noticed her mother’s scared response, she came out laughing.

The cheetah became bored with its new location after approximately a minute and dashed into the meadow.

Shimek remarked, ‘I couldn’t believe it.’ ‘I was terrified and hoped it wouldn’t approach near our car.’

According to the mother, she asked the guide what they should do if a cheetah climbed inside their vehicle, and his response surprised her.

“Sit totally still,” the guide instructed. According to Shimek, I said, “Are you insane?” “Because of the other creatures surrounding,” he continued, “getting out of the car might be substantially more perilous.”

‘I was afraid at the moment, but it was really great to witness how gorgeous this cheetah was and to be so near to it,’ Shimek recounted.

She went on to add how thankful she is that the family was allowed to return to Summit, New Jersey, and that they are already planning a trip to Tanzania.




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