Wild Place Project welcomes baby zebra and wolverine

A zoo welcomed a couple of new arrivals over the Easter weekend with the births of a zebra foal and wolverine kit.

The male foal was born to 12-year-old mother Florence and father Peter, six, at Wild Place Project in Bristol.

Keepers are also celebrating the first ever birth of a wolverine kit.

Its birth was “particularly exciting” as wolverines became extinct in the wild in Britain more than 8,000 years ago, said team leader Joe Norman.

The female wolverine kit is being cared for by her five-year-old mother Alice, who was keeping her close as she would in the wild, said Mr Norman.

He said keepers were pleased Alice built the nest inside a small purpose built nest box and has dug her own dens.

“It is dry and warm for them in there. We have been checking constantly, waiting for her to come out into the open.

“We knew it would be up to 10 weeks but it has been worth the wait. They really are beautiful animals,” Mr Norman added.

Will Walker, animal manager, said: “He is a lovely zebra foal and is already settling down to life with his family.

“His birth will hopefully help to raise awareness of the future of this near-threatened species as their population in the wild continues to fall.”


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