Baby Tiger Finds Solace In Its Puppy Best Friend After Being Rejected

Without their mother’s care, baby wild animals cannot live in the wild.They will risk hunger, malnutrition, and danger if their moms or herds abandon them (from nature and humans). Some people can wait until they receive assistance, while others are unable to.

Hunter the tiger cub, on the other hand, does not meet that fate. He was born in Pretoria, South Africa, at The Farm Inn Hotel, a wildlife refuge. However, only a few days after his birth, the newborn animal was rejected by his mother. His mother acted aggressively against him. The cub suffers both physically and emotionally as a result of this.

“We believe Hunter was born at a period when the female was contaminated in some manner because she rejected him,” said Anthea Michaletos, a sanctuary worker.

Thankfully, Hunter is befriended by a lovely German Pointer dog named Chelsea. They become fast friends and develop an unbreakable friendship. The orphaned cub finds affection and solace in his canine companion.

Friendship occurs in a variety of forms. Hunter and Chelsea’s close bond exemplifies this point.
Hunter is only three weeks older than Chelsea. The couple gets along swimmingly. From eating to sleeping to playing, they like spending time together. Wrestling is their favorite game, in which they push each other over and jump on. Under the caretaker’s supervision, the tiger cub and puppy had a lot of fun.

Chelsea never fails to visit Hunter’s cage in the morning and welcome him. When the dog is separated from her playmate, she feels upset.

Despite the fact that their friendship will end in a few months when Hunter is six months old, the two are still close buddies.

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