The Python’s Stomach Broke While Attempting To Swallow The Crocodile

Unfortunately for a 13-foot (4-meter) Burmese python in Florida’s Everglades National Park, consuming the adversary looks to have resulted in the voracious reptile nearly breaking a stomach. After reportedly attempting to swallow a 6-foot-long (2-meter-long) American alligator, wildlife researchers from the South Florida Natural Resources Center discovered the dead, decapitated python in October 2005. A virtually whole dead gator was discovered protruding from a hole in the python’s belly, as well as wads of gator skin in the snake’s gastrointestinal tract.

The horrifying discovery demonstrates that the python’s final meal was simply too much for it. The python may have survived its enormous meal, but a second gator interfered and bit off the snake’s head, according to a computerized reconstruction of the python-alligator fight. The python ruptured owing to the force of the tussle, according to the new theory. Even some of the show’s experts are wary of the new theory.

The snake’s beheading was quite clean, according to Wayne King, reptile curator at the Florida Museum of Natural History in Gainesville. He told McClatchey Newspapers, “Alligators don’t bite off a chunk.” “They grab something, tumble around, and swirl.”

If they grab your arm, they typically pull it off, and if they grab your buttocks, they usually rip a piece of skin off.” Conflicts between alligators and pythons have been on the rise in the Everglades over the past 20 years. Unwanted pet snakes dumped in the marsh have thrived, and the Asian reptile has established itself as a serious competitor in the alligator’s natural habitat.

The Associated Press quoted Frank Mazzotti, a wildlife expert at the University of Florida, as saying, “Clearly, if pythons can kill an alligator, they can kill other species.” “There was a glimmer of optimism that alligators could handle Burmese pythons. This incidence leads me to believe it will be a tie.”

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