An Alligator Lizard Bites A Snake While Being Swallowed

Fighting back against d.e.a.t.h, this alligator lizard was nearly eaten whole by a kingsnake, yet it opted to fight back. The courageous reptile clung to the California kingsnake for dear life, refusing to be eaten. Bryan Snyder, a naturalist and author from Santa Barbara, California, took the strange photos while out on a stroll in the Santa Ynez Valley early in the morning. “A California kingsnake shocked an alligator lizard by clutching its body, but the lizard latched onto the snake’s body before the lizard could readjust itself to swallow it head-on,” Bryan, 43, added.

These pictures rose to international recognition thanks to social media networks. The lizard finally won the fight and escaped, according to a Reddit post. In California’s wilderness, kingsnakes often hunt on alligator lizards, but seeing anything like this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Wild! California kingsnakes (Lampropeltis g. californiae) are opportunistic when it comes to eating. They’ll go for rattlesnakes and other snakes, as well as rats and smaller reptiles, among other things.

Back in 2014, Off The Map Adventures photographer Bryan Snyder captured a California kingsnake in the process of devouring an alligator lizard (Elgaria multivariate), but the alligator lizard didn’t want to be eaten on that particular day. The image is stunning, with only the alligator lizard’s head left for the snake to eat, but there’s one minor snag. The alligator lizard appears to have clamped its jaws around the snake’s body and is refusing to let go.

The image has recently gone popular on Reddit, with users discussing whether the lizard was eaten or fled from the stomach of the California kingsnake that was trying to devour it. Snyder reports on his Off The Map Adventures Facebook page that as he was leaving for his vacation, the snake began regurgitating the lizard. He believes the lizard lived another day as a result of this.

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