My Dog Is Staring At The Wall, What Does That Mean?

If you have ever walked into a room and seen your beloved canine staring intently at the wall, it can be genuinely a strange sight. We all know as dog owners that our fluffy family members have some odd behaviors, and each habit they have typically had its reason for doing it. This behavior is no exception.

There are several reasons why your pup might be exhibiting this behavior, and no, it’s unlikely that it’s a ghost, so you can take a breath, put out the sage, and take the local ghost hunter off speed dial! The
behavior can range from being just that, a behavior out of boredom, to a medical condition. It’s essential to also pay attention to how your dog is acting to rule out whether you should consult your pet’s veterinarian. In most cases, the good news is that it’s often not a medical condition that is causing them to stare at the walls.

They Sense Something

No, as I said before, It’s not probable that they are sensing an otherwordly presence, but their heightened hearing and smell could be picking up something, and they are trying to place the sound. If they are sitting there intently focused on a specific spot, with their head tilting side to side, ears perked up, listening, I would try sitting with them to see if you can hear anything. You might even want to press your ear against the wall, and you might just find that you have visitors inside the walls. If you watch long enough, your dog might show you precisely what that pest is.

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