Owners Fulfill Epic Bucket List For Their Dog After Their Dog Was Diagnosed With A Fatal Kidney Disease

As people with everyday struggles and troubles, we sometimes tend to take life for granted. We get so wrapped up in what we are doing, in some of the most insignificant things that we can. Social media, celebrities and just such arbitrary things in general can really take us away from what it means to truly be alive. After reading this story about a puppy who was only given a year to live, you are never going to want to take a moment for granted ever again.

Meet Lily the Golden Retriever. A puppy so darn cute you almost can’t stand it. Lily has amazingly loving humans Corryn Martin, 28, and her husband Alex, 30.

These three were living as happy was could be when they brought Lily home for the first time. I mean just look at them all cuddled together? Unfortunately, some terrible news would rock this little family to the core. When Lily was just 3 months old, she was diagnosed with a fatal kidney condition called Renal Dysplasia.

The veterinarian told Corryn and Alex they had the option to put Lily down, her breeder even offered to take her back. Her owners were having none of that however. They wanted every single moment they could have with Lily.

“Euthanizing her was never an option for us – she’s like our baby, so we began forming a plan,” said Corryn.

Corryn and Alex decided to form a plan. A plan that would let them enjoy what time they had with Lily to the absolute fullest. They put together a doggy bucket list. Some of the items included getting on a paddle board, meeting her human and doggy family, eat a doggy cake, and travel.

Here is Lily loosing her first tooth. The latest edition to the bucket list is to train Lily to become a therapy dog for children undergoing chemotherapy. I think she would do absolutely wonderful in that role.

Corryn and Alex are originally from California, but adopted Lily when they moved to Hawaii. She is an island dog through and through.

The diagnoses from the vet was in his words the “worst case scenario.” Lily was only given a few months, maybe a year to live at most.

Here is Lily on her first boat ride. She really is a Hawaiian pup through and through. She was actually born underneath a Mango tree on the beach.

One special thing on her bucket list was a “puppucino” which is just a cup full of whipped cream. which she looks like she is enjoying quite mightily.

Her owners are trying their hardest to complete her bucket list in the limited time they do have with her.

“Because she’s a true Hawaiian girl, touching the sand and swimming was, in our minds her first item to tackle but the bucket list will continually develop,” said Corryn.

As long as Lily is the hands of her owners, she is going to receive all the love and care that a dog could ever hope to have.

Lily’s story is incredibly sad. It can remind us that every moment is precious though. Every moment really does have meaning if you can find it. Even the small insignificant ones that seem mundane can provide extraordinary happiness to people who really need it.

We can only hope that Lily’s life continues to be filled with good days and happy memories, and that she long out lives her prognosis.

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