Dad Drew Different Characters On Son’s Lunch Bags Every Day For Last 2 Years

It’s always fun, to me, when parents get a little creative with their kids. You know, take doing homework and make it something magical. And that is exactly what this father has done.

Every year for the past 2 years this father draws pictures.

Not just any picture, these are very unique pictures.

And he does it on his child’s school lunch bag.

Every single picture every single day is different from the previous one.

He draws them all with colored pencils.

And each picture only takes him about 30 minutes to draw and color.

The kids in his class are super jealous and he tends to give the bags away to them.

His teacher even has a few of her favorites hanging in her classroom too.

While the lunches may arrive in style, Dunn says there’s nothing all that exciting inside.

He comments, “My son’s lunches are usually pretty normal, the kid is addicted to PB&J and apples.”

The Dad is a graphic designer by day so he says he draws all day anyways.

And now his kid can’t complain about a brown paper lunch right?

What a fun memory for his kids to look back on.

He tries something new sometimes too, like one day sending his kid with a hand puppet.

Either way this dad deserves an award for most rad dad.

What an incredible guy! 

He is now known as “The Bag Dad” on Facebook. You can check out some of his work if you want. 

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