Window Washers Dress Up As Superheroes To Surprise Sick Kids

The last thing that anybody wants is for a child to be sick with an illness that forces hospitalization. Kids are so young, vulnerable, and innocent. They don’t deserve any of the bad things that may happen to them. Luckily there is a group of very compassionate superheroes that surprised some of the kids that are staying at the Children’s Hospital of Alabama. 

They were all staying at the Benjamin Russell Building when a group of superheroes arrived from the skies!

As you can imagine, there was a little bit of confusion as these superheroes started to make their descent down the side of the building.

They decided to dress up as various superheroes, just to bring a smile to the face of the many kids staying there.

They were suspended high above the ground. They weren’t there to fight any villains or to film a movie.

Тhey were there to cheer up the many children that are fighting their own villains.

The superheroes descended from the roof, stopping at all 15 floors to help cheer up the kids.

Some people may think that these guys are crazy, but they are all window washers who do this for a living every day.

They work for Squeegee Cleaning Services of Chelsea.

The look on the kids’ faces is absolutely adorable.

While this kind gesture is heartwarming, it’s also heartbreaking knowing all of these kids are fighting their own individual battles.

The children swarmed to the windows to see their favorite superheroes like Spiderman, Superman, Captain America and more.

It wasn’t ideal to be suspended above the ground for this long, but the smiles of the kids made it well worth it.

This group of compassionate superheroes was found in Ann Arbor, Michigan at the C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital.

Could you imagine arriving at the hospital for whatever reason and seeing a group of superheroes suspended floors above the ground?

This is definitely a day these kids will never, ever forget!

I hope these superheroes gave these kids the courage and strength they needed to continue their fight. Who said superheroes are only in the movies and comic books? They were just proven wrong! These are real life superheroes creating positive memories for these kids that are staying at the hospital while they continue their fight against numerous diseases.

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