Student Takes Paralyzed Father To College With Him So He Can Care For Him While He Studies

In China, there are laws that actually require children to visit their parents a certain amount of time throughout the year. Children are required to make sure their financial and spiritual needs are met after a certain age. This puts a huge burden on younger families because China also has a one child per family law that only allows families to have one child, to help with overpopulation. These families are then forced to support 4 parents plus their own family while working and trying to make ends meet. That’s what makes this story even more touching. Meet Guo Shijun. He is a young man who has been forced to take care of his two ailing parents due to unfortunate circumstances. Because he is an only child, the burden falls solely on him. His father was left paralyzed during a building accident. Because of this accident, Shijun must take care of his father full-time. He also is responsible for caring for his mother, who is mentally disabled after a long battle with meningitis. Even with this heavy burden on his plate, Shijun managed to get accepted into the top university in China. But how was he supposed to go to school while taking care of his family? He didn’t want to leave them behind, and he knew he must go to school, so what he did is both heartwarming and touching.

After being accepted to the top university in China, Shijun managed to talk to the university officials about his situation and they allowed him to build a special bed in his dorm room for his father. This allowed him to take care of his father while focusing on his studies.

With the help of his grandparents taking care of his mother while he was away at college, Shijun was able to go to school and check on his father between lessons and also during his lunch break.

His family and friends have also pitched in to help, but this time it was with monetary donations. They’ve given Shijun enough money to pay his tuition and he also earned a scholarship to this university which helps ease the stress. He says about his situation, “I think once I graduate things will get much better.”

Shijun must pay for food, rent, and utilities on his own, but that’s not getting him down. Shijun also said, “I can’t say life is easy but the only way out of the problem is through hard work so I’m not complaining.”

Guo Shijun is really an inspirational young man. He’s going above and beyond to make sure his parents are taken care of to the best of his ability, while still putting his best foot forward when trying to better himself and his future. We wish him all the best when it comes to his family and his future.

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