Step Inside One Of The Most Expensive Homes For Sale In America

I would like to take a minute to welcome you to the Palazzo Di Amore. This castle is located in Beverly Hills, California and is currently the most expensive home in America. But don’t worry, it is up for sale and we have your first hand look inside this house and why it is priced so high.

This one of a kind home sits on 25 acres.

It easily has enough parking for over 150 cars.

The drive way itself is a mile long.

And for your private driver, it also features their own headquarters.

It features 12 bedrooms, 5 full bathrooms, and 18 half bathrooms.

This is the master closet, just in case you get tired of looking, you are free to lounge.

It also has a wine producing vineyard, full size basketball, and tennis courts.

Doesn’t this look like a meeting hall? Nope, just one of the many dining rooms.

The artwork in this house is amazing.

Oh, don’t worry it also has a state of the art theater, bowling alley, and a night club.

A fully stocked wine cellar too.

How could I forget the amazing pool and there is a spa to go along with it too.

Ready to call the agent to buy? According to Zillow the estimated mortgage of this place is more than what most people make in a few years, coming in at a cool $750,000 a month.

It was originally listed for $195 million, but just dropped down to $129 million. Pocket change, right?

It’s no wonder it’s one of the most expensive homes in America.

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