Man Travels The World In A Pink Tutu To Bring A Smile To His Wife Fighting Breast Cancer

Bob & Linda Carey moved to the East Coast in 2003. This was completely different from what they were used to, but their world was about to change. Just six months after their move, Linda was diagnosed with breast cancer. She beat it, only to have it come back in 2006. But it’s what Bob started doing in support of his wife, Linda, and other women with breast cancer is what is really catching people’s eyes.

Most people might think that a guy a guy wearing a pink tutu is ridiculous. But for Bob, there’s a very heart warming reason that he wears pink tutus around and takes self portraits of him wearing the tutus. In 2003, after Linda was diagnosed with breast cancer, this power couple started The Tutu Project. They even have a calendar in which they release the 2015 recently. Read more below to see exactly what Bob & Linda are doing with these pictures of Bob and his pink tutu.

Bob enjoys finding different location settings.

And does photo shoots with him wearing nothing but a pink tutu.

It might sound ridiculous. It might look crazy. It might be unusual.

But it actually helped his wife Linda who was battling cancer at the time.

His wife was diagnosed with cancer in 2003. After beating it once, it came back in 2006.

Now the couple is trying to raise awareness for other women fighting cancer.

They actually have a book published with photos of Bob in his pink fluffy tutu. The book is titled Ballerina. It not only has photos of Bob, but it also contains humorous stories about Bob and his pink tulle.

All proceeds from the book going to their foundation, The Carey Foundation, that is used to help support women with breast cancer. When they mean support, they use the money raised to help women get transportation to and from doctor’s appointments, wigs, childcare, and more.

Bob dresses up in his pink tutu to let women fight cancer know that they are NOT ALONE.

Even this guy in a pink tutu is on their side.

He wants to let women know they are not alone in the fight.

To raise funds, they are currently selling the 2015 calendar. For $25.00, it’ll help provide a bundle of calendars to a Cancer Center in America of your choice.

You can also choose to sponsor an entire bundle for $325.00. They’ll even include your name in the letter to the Cancer Center to know that you were generous enough to sponsor these calendars for them.

On their website they say, “You help with postage, the Carey Foundation donates the calendars, and over 1,000 families are touched with a bit of laughter and kindness!”

Their foundation offers quite a few different ways and ideas for fundraising if you know someone who has been diagnosed with cancer.

Bob and Linda are really making sure they touch the lives of many, many women who are diagnosed with breast cancer each year. It’s great to see them take a terrifying diagnosis and turn it into something so positive, you just can’t help but smile.

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